Coco Velvett

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Asian Strap

Coco Velvett

  • Updated : 2010-10-14 |
  • Length : 00:49:29 |
  • Size : 558 MB |
  • Images : 39 |
  • Views : 2365
Starring Coco Velvett
  • 9.2/10

Coco Velvett is a half-Japanese, half-Italian sweetie who really opens up and lights the world up with her smile during her interview with Joey; as she sits in wifebeater and jeans unbuttoned to allow her big pink strap-on cock to flop out. A sweet quiver in her voice and quiet wit make Uncle Joey's fondling of her butt extra-kinky. She admits that she'd like to walk a guy on a leash in the middle of the street, and Joey makes it happen, supplying a submissive Wolf Hudson for a little Hollywood stroll. Coco disciplines him there in the street, blindfolding him and cutting off his air passages. Back at the ranch, Coco continues her ultra-sensuous domination as Wolf, still blindfolded, sits on the floor masturbating. She pinches his nipples, and backs up into his face, moaning, 'Good boy, clean my ass!' She strips and lays back and invites him to fuck her, holding her big plastic dick out of the way as he pumps hard, her hips responding. When he stops, she turns the tables, putting him on his knees so she can probe his ass with her gloved finger while playing with her pussy with the other hand. She rims him and starts fucking his starfish, pausing between bouts of fucking to stroke his cock and lick his asshole. She has him suck her cock before laying him on his back in missionary, stroking him off as she pumps his ass until he comes all over his belly.